5 Best Alarm Clocks For Heavy Sleepers

Okay, that’s one hell of a day. From running from office duties, dropping by the grocery store to driving miles back home. And when you finally got home, you knew you had to fix your meal and get some things done in preparation for the next day. After all the hustle and bustle, you felt tired and needed to sleep, so you reached out for your smartphone and set your alarm because you don’t want to wake up late.

Eventually, you ended up waking 50mins after your snooze. Till this day, you are still wondering why your snooze doesn’t wake you. Well it does, you are just a heavy sleeper. Forget the best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers, you need a better solution which is why we have helped you to dig the market and come up with these amazing alarm devices:

5 best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers

  1. Sonic Bomb
  2. Philips SmartSleep
  3. Peakeep Twin Bell
  4. Travelwey Alarm
  5. Clocky Runaway Alarm

Sonic Bomb Alarm Device

Sonic Bomb Alarm Device review This is one of the best alarm devices you will ever find out there. The sonic bomb device, even though, is not a high-tech device, gets the job done. It has a one-inch digital display with an adaptable flashlight. The display and the alarm control buttons are seen in front of the Sonic Bomb. It is powered with a loud 113db Buzzer with adjustable sound and volume.

There are three bright LED lights that blink above the display. When the alarm is activated. It has a mode switch that enables the buzzer, vibrator, or both. The snooze lasts for 9 minutes and has the option to reactivate for up to 1 hour from the initial settings, this can be done using the snooze button. This crazy master-buzzer comes with a Battery Backup System that saves your settings in case there is a power failure. However, it will not provide power for the device.

The SBB500ss has dual time and power capabilities. One of the great features of the Sonic Bomb device is the “Super Bed Shaker Vibrator” which can be placed between your mattress. It comes handy and super-easy to operate with its annoyingly loud buzz and vibration plate, you’ll never wake up late again. So if you are an iPhone user and you are looking for the best iPhone alarm clock app for heavy sleepers, sorry to say, it is not going to help you as a real alarm clock will.


  • The Backup
  • The Super Vibrator features
  • The loud sound


  • None

Price: $31.99

Philips SmartSleep Alarm Device

Philips SmartSleep Alarm Device review If you always find yourself hitting the snooze, you really need this alarm device. The Philip SmartSleep is an alarm device that comes with a built-in light. This light simulates sunrise and sunset. It also has white sounds that help you drift off to sleep faster. This alarm device is fairly big but its doughnut-like shape gives it an aesthetic feel.

While specialty lights are now app-connected, Philip SmartSleep stands out because of its virtual control buttons which can be accessed at the front of the device. Since there is no connectivity, the setup is straight forward, however not simple. The menus that make up the functions of the device are deep and multi-paged which aren’t specifically labeled for quick reference. Philips SmartSleep comes with interesting features. When the alarm is set, the light comes on gradually from a dim glow into bright glow light that spreads across your room.

There are several natural sounds on Philip SmartSleep that you can set as your “fall asleep” or “wake up” sound. In addition, it comes with an FM radio function in case you want to add it to your wake up routine. The speaker quality of this device isn’t that great. But you aren’t going to judge an alarm device for not having a speaker as good as that of your stereo set. Because its main purpose is to wake you up from sleep.


  • The soft light that glows brighter as time ticks
  • The Additional FM radio function


  • The speaker quality
  • The natural sound doesn’t sound natural enough.
  • The virtual button feature is complex

 Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Device

Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Device reviewThis is a vintage old-fashioned style alarm device. It is a quiet device with a ringing sound, it is buzzy enough to wake you up every morning. While it does have a loud ring, the second-hand doesn’t tick, it moves in such a uniform and smooth manner without any noticeable noise. It is available in black, and white color. The number font style is also worth noting, it has the 12, 3, 6, and 9 bigger than the rest.

The switch to enable or disable the alarm device can be found behind the device. The Peakeep Twin Bell alarm device is battery-operated but doesn’t come with a battery. However, it only takes one AA battery to get up and running. It has all the buttons needed to set your device at the back, it has a knob for time settings and another for alarm settings. The setup of this alarm device is quite simple. The best alarm clock app for heavy sleepers android won’t be as effective as the vintage Peakeep Twin Bell alarm would.

It isn’t any high-tech or digital device that you need to worry about. You can easily operate this without the help of the manual. It has a light that pops out better in the dark that enables you to see that time when in a dark environment. The alarm device has double legs that support and make it sit back. However, It is a turn off to realize that the volume can’t be reduced, you can only reach out for the switch to disable the alarm. Apart from this, Peakeep, on overall, is a cute and stylish 4 inches alarm device that brings you back from sleep to get ready for the day.


  • The vintage style
  • Durability
  • Rugged material


  • The inability to be able to reduce the volume of the alarm if need be.

 Price: $13.99

 Travelwey Alarm Device

Travelwey Alarm Device reviewThis is arguably the most simple digital alarm device out there, it is not meant to tell you what day of the week it is or the degree of the temperature. It is just designed to make sure you don’t miss your schedule to deep sleep. Its control buttons are super-duper simple, anyone can get a quick hang of it without having to read the instruction. It has the hour and minute buttons at the top to set up the time or alarm. However, to use the two upper keys to set the alarm, you need to enable the alarm by switching the red button at the back to alarm mode. You can also find the snooze button at the top as well.

Travelwey comes with a broad screen in front with quite a bold digital display that lets you read the time even when you are half awake. The Travelwey alarm device uses electricity as its source of power, but also comes with a treble-a battery to serve as back up in the event of a power outage. One of its key functions is the dimmer switch located at the back of the alarm device, it lets you lower the brightness intensity of the digit in case you are sensitive to bright LED lights, this feature is just for you.


  • The simplicity despite being a digital device.
  • The broad display
  • The plug that makes it possible to use electric power
  • Dimmer button to increase or reduce the brightness of the backlight


  • Can’t think of any.

Price: $18.99

Clocky Runaway Alarm Device

Clocky Runaway Alarm Device reviewClocky is the original runaway alarm device that took off from its initial position when buzzing. The drift is that when its sound pesters you well enough, you will get off the bed to chase the menace device and switch it off. Funny right? Of course it is, but it gets the job done anyways.

It is equipped with two wheels with each built at both sides of the clock. These wheels are wrapped in a thick rubber material that ensures a safe landing for the clock whenever it falls from a high stand. It takes four triple-a batteries to get it working and also features a chime inspired by r2d2. Clocky is durable and can sustain a fall from a 3-feet tall platform.(I don’t think it can bear a constant fall from a high platform).It boasts of a shiny surface and a slick design. It features a LCD screen that tells the time, AM and PM.

It has two buttons on top of the LCD display, one for enabling and disabling the rolling features which defeats the purpose of the alarm device. It also features four more buttons at the skull, the snooze key, the alarm key, hours and minutes key, and the backlight adjustment key. The speaker is situated at the back of the clock and indeed it is super-buzzy. So no matter how deep you are into sleep, the r2d2 inspired sound wakes you up.


  • The concept of the wheel.
  • The clean design


  • It could fall and damage
  • Might not roll on a ruggy or fine surface

Price: $39.99

Comparison Between The Best 5 Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

BEST 5 ALARM CLOCK FOR HEAVY SLEEPERSThese are all great devices with nice reviews, however, we’ll put them against each other to explore their core strengths and weaknesses.

Sonic Bomb Clock: recorded a crazy sale with over 12000 reviews on Amazon (Link above). It’s got a nice review that says a lot about this product. 4.7 stars in Easy to read, Brightness and Volume Control with Versatility and Quality of Material sitting at 4.3 and 4.2 respectively. This clock seems to check all the boxes. It is safe to say, you can rely on the Sonic Bomb Clock to serve you well. Interestingly, it comes at a reasonable price of $31.99 only.

Philips SmartSleep: This is the most beautifully designed alarm clock among the rest. The Philips wake up light features, with reason natural sound makes it stand out. As if that is not enough, the virtual button feature, even though complex, is a thing to reckon. (Don’t think any other alarm device has it). The radio features, as well, is what you can’t find in other alarm clocks. However, you don’t get to enjoy these amazing features without paying for the price which sits at $117.98 on Amazon. Quite outrageous for someone who is only looking for a clock that will wake him up, but it is a bargain if you are interested in beautifying your bedside while waking up to the fresh glow light.

Peakeep Twin Bell: is the only analog alarm clock on the list. If you love your alarm clock in an old-style version, then Peakeep Twin Bell is your best bet. Even though it has beautiful and rugged materials, it is quite disappointing to see its durability review sitting at 3.9. The old-fashioned look makes you think it would be durable. But, not sure. Another disadvantage of this alarm is the inability to control the volume. Nonetheless, we can find solace in its price because it sells at a better price among others. With just $13.99, you can get your hands on this cutie.


Travelwey: is arguably the best when it comes to serving its purpose. All designs, features, and price are wired to suit the buyer’s basic needs. Stacked with unique features, a broad screen display (none has it). It uses the electricity and a double-a battery to serve as a backup in case of power failure (still none has it). It is the strongest alarm clock with a 4.2 durability review. You know you’ve got your favorite alarm clock when this quality-stacked device comes at a reasonable price of $18.99 only.

Clocky Runaway Alarm: is yet another one that boasts of a unique quality: The wheels. Apart from this, it claims to have a better sound quality, thanks to the r2d2 chime. It is a fancy alarm clock all round that does the job. However, we’ll take the Clocky Runaway feature more seriously when it can actually jump off the table by itself and drive away while avoiding obstacles like an AI device. The battery life also suffers even though it is powered with 4 triple-a batteries, but the reason can be dug to the power-draining feature: its wheels. The clocky alarm price is a bargain, it is sold for just $39.99.

Buyer’s Guide

When getting one of these alarm clocks, we advise you to take your time to check the customers’ reviews to have a tip of the seller service.

Final Thoughts

There are several alarm clocks in the market but these are those we think will serve you better. If you need our recommendation, we’ll recommend the Travelwey alarm clock because it has left us with no significant weakness to explore.

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