5 Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers


We all want to retire to bed to sleep or take a nap after a long day. Isn’t it? It’s also true that we have our favorite sleeping positions. Most times, all we need to do is get into our favorite sleeping position and off we go to the dreamland. The stomach-sleeping position is the least common out of all the sleeping positions. Just 16% of people sleep on their stomachs on a routine basis.

 Do you belong to this category? Yes, right? Keep calm, you are not weird, you are just an amazing & rare breed.

 It should interest you to know that all the different sleeping positions require different needs in a mattress. What are these needs? As a stomach sleeper, how can you get the best mattress that works for you?

You know what? You need not to worry. We have taken the pain to compare customer reviews and intelligence reports across different brands. We have also researched the factors that would help you in selecting your perfect mattress.

 Why bother about the stress? when we are here for you. Keep reading to find the one that perfectly suits you from our list of mattresses that are specially designed and suitable for stomach sleepers.

COMPARISON TABLE OF 5 Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers


Nectar – Best Value

The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

·       Conforming and pressure relief

·       365-sleep trial

·       Medium Firm (6)


Bear Mattress Best Mattress for back pain

Bear– Best Mattress for back acute pain with a breathable Celliant Cover

·       Free Delivery

·       100 Days free trial

·       Warranty (10 years)


Helix – Best Mattress suitable for stomach sleepers with partners 

Mattresses Helix

·       Dual products suitable for sleep partners

·       Effective in reducing back pain

·       100 days trial


  Awara – Best for Moderate Weight Stomach Sleepers Awara Mattress ·       Lifetime warranty

·       Outstanding Durability

·       365 days sleep trial

  Saatva – Our Selected Innerspring MattressSaatva Mattress ·       Ultimate luxury feel

·       Contouring & Cushioning support

·       Multiple firmness options


5 Best Mattress For Stomach SleepersIt might interest you to know that sleeping on your stomach does not cause any problems for your back. However, it can cause the extension and torsion of the lumbar spine which is not too good for you because the condition gets worse with age.

Is the hope lost as a stomach sleeper? Definitely not! For you to enjoy a lovely night’s sleep, you need a mattress that gives you exceptional support, especially your midsection where most of your body weight is concentrated.

Before you make your purchase, you need to know the types of mattresses that would be suitable for you. Check out some top collections below; 


  1.  Nectar – Our Selected Best Value 

The Nectar Memory Foam MattressWe know you care about your night sleep and that’s why the first on our list is The Nectar which is also our selected mattress for the best value category. The manufacturer did great work; the mattress is made of pressure-relieving foam that has just enough structural firmness which prevents you from sinking excessively into the bed.

Have a look at some of Nectar’s features:

One of the unique selling points of the Nectar is the interior design which highlights four different froth layers. The main layer is gel-infused memory foam. Below the main layer is the second layer which is standard flexible foam.

The materials discussed above helps to reduce pressure and guarantee there are no sharp effects on your stomach. The help core is made of high-thickness polyfoam while the third layer is a change froth layer made with Hi Core polyfoam.


  •       Suitable for those who struggle with chronic pain
  •       Supports individuals who weight between 230 and 130 pounds
  •       Long guarantee and sleep time for testing


  •       Does not have a responsive feel

BOTTOM LINE: The Nectar is a superior fit for stomach sleepers compared to others in the same price range. The mattress is also suitable for couples because it limits motion transfer. Their 365 sleep trail demonstrates their full confidence in this mattress and is well-earned looking at the amazing ratings by their buyers.

  1. Bear –  Best Mattress for back acute pain

Bear– Best Mattress for back acute pain with a breathable Celliant CoverWe all hate back pains. It causes frustration most times and hinders a lovely night’s rest. We would recommend you purchase the best bedding for stomach sleepers that assists with reducing back acute pain.  

Have a closer look at some of the features:

It comes with a breathable Celliant Cover that helps to improve your performance; this is one of their unique selling points.

Most of us want that cool experience right? This sleeping mattress has the cooling graphite-gel flexible foam that assists with expelling unwanted body heat. In addition to that, the high-thickness froth assists with ensuring long-lasting durability

 Do you like this mattress?

 Definitely YES! So you have everything you need.


  •       Removes unwanted body heat
  •       Improved Performance
  •       Long-lasting durability


  •       It may not be firm enough for heavyweight individuals.

BOTTOM LINE: We like this mattress for stomach sleepers because of the Celliant cover which works in reducing painfulness.  

  1.  Helix – The Best for stomach sleepers  and their partners

Mattresses HelixHelix is well known for providing the best mattress for everyone based on the solidness and preferred position for sleeping. Finding the perfect firmness for you and your sleep partner might be a little tricky but Helix provides multiple options for buyers. You can explore their shop to find one that fits properly into your needs and budget. 

The mattress comes with a support which is designed to reduce weight focuses. The bedding is also nice for sleepers and partners who have various sleeping positions.

When ordering, you will get to answer a short sleep quiz which allows them to access your sleeping position to produce a custom mattress for you. Helix incorporates the preferences of two individuals into a single product.


  •       Pressure Relief
  •       Supports different sleeping positions
  •       Slide Sleeper Support


  •       It is costly compared to others

BOTTOM LINE: The unique selling point of Helix mattress is the features that allow them to incorporate the preferences of two sleepers in one product by making use of a sleep quiz for assessment.

  1.  Awara Mattress  – Best for Moderate Weight Stomach Sleepers

Awara MattressThe Awara Mattress is reasonable for stomach sleepers with normal weight extending from 130 to 230 pounds because the mattress comes with moderate immovability settings.  

 The Awara bedding is really helpful for moderate weight sleepers because it ensures the sleeper’s stomach does not sink too deep to avoid inconvenience in the neck, hip, and shoulder area. This is possible because a latex flexible layer accompanies the bedding.

Still, considering that? Check some of the amazing features below: 

The Awara bedding is a crossbreed that includes a 4-inch thick comfort layer of solid and natural latex. This latex allows you to sleep cool and it does not retain a lot of warmth. In addition to this, the mattress is very breathable.

The bedding’s help center comprises of zoned loops that offer support to heavy regions. These curls also take into account additional edge support, proper air stream, and reduces movement.


  •       Supports individuals whose weigh are 130 pounds and above
  •       Sustainable and Eco-friendly materials
  •       Cooler compared to other solace materials


  •       Less pressure relief for chronic pain
  •       Might be too firm for sleepers whose weigh are under 130 pounds

BOTTOM LINE: This Awara bedding might be the best for you if your weight falls around 130 pounds or more. The producer offers free delivery to clients in 50 different states. In addition to that, be assured of a lifetime guarantee

  1.    Saatva – Our Selected Innerspring Mattress

Saatva MattressWe have selected Saatva as the best innerspring mattress. Why? You might want to ask. Well, we are going to tell you because that’s why you are here. Innerspring mattresses are great at facilitating movement in bed. This feature makes them offer a great level of support needed in stomach sleeping.

Sounds cool right? Want to see for yourself? Why not buy one now and enjoy it!

Here’s a look at some of the features:

The Saatva Mattress was structured with Lumbar Zone bolster innovation, dynamic wire support built in the bedding’s focal point. This also allows for optimal spinal alignment. 

The mattress blends durability, coil innerspring system, and eco-friendly foams to give you the ultimate luxury experience. It might interest you to know that the Saatva Mattress is also recommended by leading associations of chiropractors in the US.


  •       Durable Expectations
  •       Great value for the price
  •       Allows for a perfect sleeping experience


  •       Some heat complaints from buyers

BOTTOM LINE: You would not regret it you buy the innerspring mattresses. However, they may cause disruptions due to motion transfer but you need not worry because the pocketed coils give you the bounce you need.

Mattress for Stomach Sleepers Buyer’s Guide

It’s a fact that investing in your bedding has an extraordinary return in the nature of your sleep and wellbeing. When deciding the type of mattress, you must consider your personal needs

We spend most of our life in bed, so why can’t we take time to understand what we need so we can enjoy much longer. Here are the key features that you need to consider before you make the purchase.  

  •       Firmness: (Must be adequate)
  •       Spinal Support (A very important feature)
  •       Relief Pressure Point
  •       Responsivity (The responsive touch)
  •       Cooling Comfort (which also helps to remove unwanted body heat)
  •       Edge Support (as an added feature for the most mattress)

We are sure you will enjoy your time in bed if you keep to the points mentioned in the post.


What is the best mattress for stomach sleepers?

Ordinarily, our bodies are meant to be on an even plane while resting. Those who sleep with their backs facing up need beddings with a more grounded level of support. Stomach sleepers can invest in either buying latex beds, firmer crossbreed types, and innerspring beddings.

A soft mattress would cause the midsection of the body to sink too far into the bed. It is advisable to go for firmer mattresses. 

What type of mattress is suitable for side and stomach sleepers?

Side sleepers are advised to get a soft mattress. Delicate and soft bedding containing latex adjustable foam and memory gel froth functions admirably for those who sleep on their sides. On the other hand, stomach sleepers are encouraged to go for firmer bedding. The best bedding for stomach sleepers is the latex adaptable foam and memory gel froth.

What type of mattress is the best for stomach sleepers?

Buying the correct bedding is a significant choice for stomach sleepers because of the unique way of sleeping. The type of mattress that would be best for you as a stomach sleeper is a firmer mattress because they prevent the heaviest part of your body from sinking in.

What is the best mattress for side and stomach sleepers?

A larger number of those who sleep on their side face more perils than back sleepers when looking at pain and weight focuses. This is because there are more curves on the size of your body and there are more opportunities to create tension.

The best bedding for side sleepers is made of latex froth. Soft materials are the best because they give you the necessary help you need to tenderly support your hips and shoulders to decrease forestall pressure.

Stomach sleepers should opt-in for a firm mattress. A very soft mattress will cause pain on the lower back leaving long and acute back pain.


There you have it, that wraps up our review on the 5 best Mattress for stomach sleepers. As usual, we’d love to hear from you how you are managing your stomach sleeping position, your experience using some of these mattresses for stomach sleepers, or other features you want to share with us.

 Until next time. See you soon, friends.

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