1) Why should I consider working in the field of Sleep Medicine?
The Sleep Medicine technology (polysomnography) field offers a valuable opportunity for allied health professionals looking to work in another medical arena and for those in other professions who would like a challenging and rewarding career. Because the field of sleep medicine technology is relatively new, job opportunities are plentiful in both clinical and research, and salaries are relatively higher than in other comparable associated health fields

2) What other fields do people come from who work in Sleep Medicine?
Many of the sleep technologists come from Respiratory Therapy and Electroneurodiagnostics, but there are also Nurses, Emergency Medical Technologists and similar allied health professionals who have chosen to venture into polysomnography.

3) What are the pre-qualifications required to attend your courses?
There are no pre-qualifications required to attend the Fundamentals of Sleep Technology Course; however, the Advanced Clinical Polysomnography course is geared towards individuals who are already working in the field and preparing to take the Board examination.

4) Why should I choose The Florida Sleep School over other schools? 
The Florida Sleep School has one of the most experienced facilities that you will find in any sleep school in the country. The school’s educational directors have put together a guest and virtual facility of professionals from around the world with expertise in many facets of sleep medicine.

5) What other advantage is there in attending The Florida Sleep School?
Another significant advantage is the Florida Sleep School is located inside a sleep disorder center that has been accredited by both the AASM and Joint Commission. This provides students the opportunity to have a hands-on learning experience in an intensely clinical environment.

6) What is the average class size at The Florida Sleep School?
All courses at The Florida Sleep School were developed around a high teacher-to-student ratio. Classes will be comprised of no more than 10 students in order to allow for more hands-on experience and to provide a setting more conducive to learning.

7) Will your courses help me become eligible to take the Board examination?
The Fundamentals of Sleep Technology Class is designed for entry-level technologists to provide the background information needed for a successful career in polysomnography. Students who take this class will not be eligible to take their exam until they have met other requirements. Students taking the advanced course may be eligible to take their examination but must also meet the other requirements outlined by the registry board.

8) Which courses offer Continuing Education Credits?
We have designed five one-day courses that offer continuing education credits (6 hours) through the American Association of Sleep Technologists. These credits may be used by Registered Polysomnographic Technologists who need to meet the recertification requirements established by the registry board.